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Eggs for Sale




Chicken Quail Eggs, Duck Eggs, Chicken Eggs Pekin Ducks Quail Chicken

Our Farm Fresh Eggs are collected fresh daily and are available both for eating and hatching, please purchase them BY sending us an email or CALL ( contact us ).  Price does not include shipping.

NOTICE:  Egg Orders are filled on a first come first serve basis, whereby those that pay for eggs are entered into the shipping queue IN THE ORDER IN WHICH THEY ARE PAID for & have priority over ALL LOCAL FARM eggs, if you need a refund, notify us and you will be credited.  not All hatching eggs are in stock, Starting April 1, 2013, all egg ORDERS & payment inquiries are to be sent to elijahmarks@gmail.com or CALL ( contact us )

Eggs For Sale!

Eggs for Eating

Sold by the dozen:

Quail Eggs - $12

Chicken Eggs - $9

Duck Eggs - $18

Goose Egg - $7 *

Eggs for Hatching

Sold by the dozen:

Quail Eggs - $12

Chicken Eggs - $48

Duck Eggs - $60

Goose Egg - $7 *

* Goose Eggs - Very limited supply $7 each  These are fresh & fertile.  Sold by the egg

* Goose Eggs - Very limited supply $7 each These are fresh & fertile. Sold by the egg

At Furbelow Farms our eggs are collected several times each day.  If you order quail, chicken, or duck eggs for hatching from our Virginia Farm you will get the freshest eggs possible.  Hatching eggs are normally shipped  the day they are laid (but never shipped after they are 72 hours old) to assure that your hatching eggs are as fertile as possible.  Hatching rates for our poultry eggs are very high for experienced hatchers.  Hatching eggs are never refrigerated.  Our Pekin Duck hatching eggs are rinsed off with warm water and brushed slightly with a soft bristle brush and allowed to air dry.  Hatching quail eggs & Hatching chicken eggs are not normally rinsed or washed to preserve the eggs.  Hatching eggs are most fertile in the spring.  Hatching eggs are available year round in limited amounts.  While in storage, Our hatching eggs are turned once a day and kept at about 55 degrees to extend and preserve fertility.  We recommend setting your hatching eggs within 7 days (of being laid) for best fertility.


Quail Egg

Chicken Egg

Duck Egg

Goose Egg

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All prices are subject to change without cause or notice.  All livestock listed for sale may be withdrawn at any time for any reason, at which point it will no longer be for sale.  All animals listed for sale are subject to prior sale.  Prices are subject to change since the prices on the website are not updated on a daily basis And Spot prices at Furbelow Farms may change daily or several times a day depending on the market.  Paypal buttons to buy farm products are NOT subject to change after sale.  Custom made products cannot be returned for credit.

We reserve the right to retain any animal born to another animal we own for our breeding program!

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