Furbelow Farms has the Finest Fleece Found!

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Jack used to be our backhoe but has given up digging and taken up shredding deer, paper, wood and whatever he can get his paws on. Jack is an Anatolian Shepherd and along with his brother Titan, they make great watch dogs over the Alpacas.


This is Titan, Jacks brother. He loves to lounge around in the house But, He mostly hangs out outside the Alpaca pen lying in wait for a foolish chicken or deer. To learn more about these great herd dogs, check out this website:www.anatolianshepherd.com

Girl Cat “Pepples”

We call her Girl Cat.  She runs the joint. Girl cat has since quit and cut out on us without notice with just the fur on her back!

Boy Cat “Smokey”

This is Boy Cat. He likes to sleep upside down. Boy Cat has fled the farm with just the fur on his back, in search of his beloved sister Girl Cat

Here are our replacements for Boy and Girl Cat.  Tiny and Harley. They are still in training and don't seem to be well suited for farm work.

Elijah & Ginger Marks

4625 Fox Chase Run

Gum Spring, Virginia 23065

Goochland, Virginia


To contact us:

Phone: 804-852-7043

Fax: 866-222-5431



About Us/Employee List

Here is a list of some of the hard workers on the farm!

Ginger Marks

I do just about anything to avoid going into an office everyday and staring at other cubicles.  I love being out in the country and sharing this rare life experience with my wonderful boys.  I am trying to get to more shows in the next year, I love doing the State Fair and Farmers Market.  I make all of the felted products on my farm to sell.  Occasionally, my son Jacob will help with the soaps. Since Girl cat left someone had to pick up the slack, so Ginger has been working her butt off ever since!!!

Tyler Marks

Hi!  I am 11 years old.  I am in charge of watering, feeding and loving the Alpacas.  In my spare time, I mostly enjoy annoying my brother Jacob.

Jacob Marks

Hi!  I am 10 years old.  I am in charge of feeding, cleaning poop and loving the Alpacas.

Joseph Marks

HI! I'M JOEY & almost 3 years old. Since mommy made a new website, I get to edit the code on the old one!!! But what I don't understand is why Tyler and Jacob get a cell phone and I don't!

Furbelow Farms has the Finest Fleece Found!

Furbelow Farms