We are expanding our little Virginia Alpaca Farm and starting to produce some wonderful Duck eggs and Chicken eggs for sale!

Pekin Ducks and Chickens

Furbelow Farms has the Finest Fleece Found!

Furbelow Farms

Here are the Ducks on their first day at the farm in March 09.  I just know they were plotting something against me!

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We have about 66 chickens and about 10 Roosters residing on the farm and keeping us free from too many ticks.  Most of them are the Rhode Island Reds.  I always call them Long Island Reds, guess we know where my mind is!  I’m thirsty!

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To buy Pekin Duck hatching eggs go to the payment page

Duck eggs are $10 a dozen                     Chicken eggs are $4.00 a dozen

Here they are on the right only 2 months later.  It is amazing how big they got in such a short time.

Originating in China in ancient times, White Pekins were brought to the Western World in the middle 1800’s. Their fine meat quality and egg laying ability quickly made them the first choice of American duck growers. Both the male and female are creamy white in color, yellow skinned, and very large breasted. The males carry a fall weight of 10 to 11 pounds and the females weigh 8 to 9 pounds.