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We are now selling some of our wonderful cashmere goats.  I currently have 2 boys that were born in early May.  They will be available in June to take home once they are weaned.  Each Cashmere goat is $300 with a $50 deposit to hold them until they can go home.

Suzi above, and Moose our buck is below.

They are just luxurious!

Meet Moose!  He is a magnificent buck.  We are studding out his services for $150.  Below are his kids that were born this year.  We are selling both of his male offspring's for $300 each.

We will also be selling the cashmere from these lovely animals.  We don’t have very much this year, but next year we expect to have much more cashmere.  Let me know if you are interested in the cashmere fiber from this year, hurry before its all spoken for!  It is excellent for spinning with the alpaca fiber.


We also have a wonderful white male cashmere goat that is weathered (fixed).  Henry is so friendly.

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