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Furbelow Farms has the Finest Fleece Found!

Furbelow Farms

Fiber, Fiber everywhere!  Furbelow Farms has lots of great raw alpaca fiber for all of you spinning enthusiasts out there. 



Be sure to take a look at all of our great alpacas and let me know which color of fiber you would like to have.  There is Brown, Black, White and Grey.

Elijah & Ginger Marks

4625 Fox Chase Run

Gum Spring, Virginia 23065

Goochland, Virginia


To contact us:

Phone: 804-852-7043

Fax: 866-222-5431


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Eventually, we will have more alpaca clothing made from our very own alpaca fiber.  We will have scarves, socks, hats, etc.  So, be sure to check back often.  If you have any requests for anything particular, just shoot me an email and it will help motivate me to get it done quicker if I know you are interested in some socks from Angel or one of our other lovely alpacas.





Raw Fiber (various colors)

· Black

· White

· Rose Grey

· Grey

· Brown


$2.50/oz. or $35/lb.



Felted Hat

This hat was made from Misha’s white blanket and trimmed with Logan’s for a nice finishing look.





Felted Hat

This hat was made from Emeril’s grey blanket




Skeins (various colors available)

· Black

· White

· Rose Grey

· Grey

· Brown


Approximately $25 - $30 a skein

Enjoy making your favorite knitted items with this luxurious skein of yarn. This skein shown, was made from Jacobs first year shearing.  This is so wonderfully soft you are going to want to make something special for yourself out of it


Felted Goats Milk Soap

(various colors available)

· Black

· White

· Rose Grey

· Grey

· Brown

· Tied Dye

$9 a bar

Enjoy this colorful luxurious feeling soap that was felted on our farm from our very own alpacas fiber. 

This “White Tea & Ginger” soap was handmade from goats milk.  Everything about this soap is 100% locally made.  You will never be without a washcloth again!



Small Black & White Knitted Hat made from the fiber of Logan and Pearl.  It is small enough for a baby from infant to about 3 years old.  It will stretch as they grow.  Extremely warm and water proof.





Brown Knitted Hat from the fiber of Bliss.  You will never leave home without this hat.  It is so warm and forms to the shape of your head.  I can make these is any color that I have.  So if you want a different color or certain size, just let me know.





Enjoy this wonderful recreation of our lovely alpacas handmade on our farm from our very own alpacas fiber.  This felted alpaca is sure to be a favorite decoration in your home as well as a great conversation piece! 



*Cat not included




Duck Eggs

These eggs come from our Jumbo Pekin Ducks.  We currently have 20+ females, we average about 6 to 8 eggs a day in the winter depending on how many freeze OR we crack or drop or step on.





Chicken Eggs

We get a large variety of colors from our chickens, brown, blue, pink.  They are fed nothing but the finest that is found in the alpaca beans or yard.  Usually they go for my garden.  We also feed them Oyster Shells to make their egg shells much stronger.



Handmade items we will be selling soon at the farm.

Please let me know if you are interested in any custom made alpaca products.

· Alpaca Hats

· Alpaca Pillows

· Alpaca Scarves

· Alpaca Felted Friends

· Alpaca Purses